Sunday, March 01, 2009


What I did Saturday afternoon

took cold medicine
checked facebook
glanced at emails
started to clean the bathroom
turned on Rhapsody
decided to clean the shower doors
had husband come in and removed doors to clean them
checked facebook
watered outdoor plants
oh the boys brought home Jack in the box
read paper while eating, cant remember anything I read
checked facebook
went back to clean the bathroom
checked facebook
husband left, had a family emergency
checked facebook
went to youtube to check out songs
scanned a photo of Justin
made it look good in Photo shop
was going to do a digital page
decided to check out my website
managed to find user name and password because I havent been there in ages
while check for something-didnt find what I wanted
but they offer word press so I downloaded it
had 16 year old come in and told him to make it look right for me, said it will take a week and I said no problem.
so here I sit.
shower doors are still in the backyard waiting for husband to come home and put back in the bathroom, he told me not to touch.
Oh I also got a box from paper wishes and wants to scrapbook.

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