Thursday, April 25, 2013

Late night Blogger Rose from my rose garden.

Well, we moved into our house almost two years ago. Time has gone by fast. I love my new home, and I am glad we bought this place. 
One thing that is so sweet is the roses we have in the rose garden. We had quite a few last year and they smelled so good. This year we have even more and they smell wonderful. I love seeing the roses, I can see them right outside my living room window. But I love going out there and taking pictures of them, lots of pictures. Trying to get good at taking pictures, that is whole different blog post for that.  

These are just few. I just love the colors and the smell. 
Not sure what else to do with them, I am learning more about how to take care of them. But I am really glad to have these beautiful roses.


Cheryl Cain said...

These are stunning, my favorite color for roses. Where do you live that you can grow such beautiful blossoms in the dead of winter. I don't have a green thumb, but I admire it in others. It is definitely a gift.

lkingboyle said...

Absolutely gorgeous, they are my favorite type of flower. I have heard to put banana skins under the roses. I have tried that and it does seem to work. The very best that I have found for all plants,flowers,shrubs is Miracle grow. I place a heaping tsp., into a two court container. They make them grow like crazy, with tons of blossoms. You seem to be doing great, they are very happy as they are.