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Book Review: Beach Bags and Burglaries by Dorothy Howell

Beach Bags and Burglaries (A Haley Randolph Mystery)Beach Bags and Burglaries by Dorothy Howell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well this is the first time reading this author and reading this series. I didn’t realize when I started reading this book that it is the 8th in the series. When I first started reading the book I was kind lost wondering about the characters, but I don’t think that really matters that much in the story. I was able to read the whole story and thought the author did a wonderful job for letting me know who was who, I wasn’t lost but just didn’t really know her friends.
This story starts out with Haley winning an all expense vacation to an exclusive island. Of course there is a mystery to be solved and I felt that Haley really just wanted to relax but found herself right in the middle of the whole thing, all because she wanted a hard to find popular new beach bag. Yep that is really all she wanted was the beach bag that she had seen in a magazine. But no, she had to find some trouble as well.
I felt this book is real written and fun to read, I am glad I was given the opportunity to read this book. I am looking forward to reading more of her books.  This was a splendid summer read that can be read any time.
I received this book from Net Galley for an honest review.
This is what Amazon says about the book:
Part-time sleuth and full-time fashionista Haley Randolph just won an all-expenses-paid vacay at the Rowan Resort, a ridiculously exclusive island getaway that caters to the whims of millionaires, royalty, and Hollywood A-listers. With her three BFF's--Marcie, Bella, and Sandy--along for the ride, the only thing she's missing is the Sea Vixen, the season's hottest beach bag. . .
The island has everything Haley imagined: pristine beaches, posh accommodations, and possibly Brad Pitt. But trouble soon looms on the horizon when Jaslyn Gordon, a maid at the island resort, goes missing. And while practically looting the resort for a Sea Vixen beach bag, Haley of course finds the maid--on the beach. . .and clearly dead.
Everyone at the resort says Jaslyn's death was just an accident, but Haley thinks there's a lot going unsaid. . .especially when she spots hunky FBI agent Luke Warner. He claims to be on the island only for a wedding but Haley's not buying it.
Haley's faced down clever criminals before and always come out on top, but this malicious murderer might be too crafty. And though she's dying to get her hands on a Sea Vixen, she also wants to live long enough to be seen with it!
Praise For Dorothy Howell And Her Haley Randolph Mysteries!
Evening Bags And Executions
"Enjoyable. . .an unlikely but engaging sleuth." --Publishers Weekly
Tote Bags And Toe Tags
"The well-crafted plot, humor, and designer details will appeal to fans of Laura Levine and MaryJanice Davidson." --Booklist
Clutches And Curses
"Frothy. . ..The well-crafted plot offers plenty of red herrings." --Publishers Weekly
Shoulder Bags And Shootings 
"Recommend this series to fans of lightweight, humorous mysteries." --Booklist
Purses And Poison
"A treat for those with a passion for fashion. No doubt this sassy heroine's in for a long run." --Kirkus Reviews
Handbags And Homicide
"Fashionistas take note: Dorothy Howell's delightful Handbags and Homicide dangles shopping to die for and a murder in store in a breezy debut mystery as sure to please as a Notorious handbag." --Carolyn Hart, author of Death Walked In
"Dorothy Howell is one funny lady. I laughed out loud as I followed Haley's adventures tracking down both a killer and a Louis Vuitton organizer in this fast-paced, fun-filled page turner. I recommend it highly." --Laura Levine, author of Death of a Neighborhood Witch

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Book Review: Runaway Cowboy by Keira Cole


   Runaway Cowboy (The Bonifay Family, #2)Runaway Cowboy by Keira Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well first off, this is the first time I have read a cowboy story, but I do love watching western movies.  This is the First book I have read that is written by Keira Cole.  I do like her style of writing, very easy to follow. I like how she builds the characters and we begin to care for the people in the story.
The main story is about Rebecca, she has 3 other sisters and one brother, the brother is going away and he wanted another man there, their parents were killed a few years ago and they have a ranch in Texas to keep going.  One of the sisters is married and her husband is leaving to go to the war. So enters Jesse, strong good looking cowboy but with self-esteem issues, he had a poor upbringing. So this is part of his personal issues. He does have a heart and doesn't want to hurt Rebecca.
To me the story is good, simple and sweet with some sorrow in it as well.  I am not big on the sex part of the story, but the love story is nice, and yes I have to say I skipped the sex scenes. But I really loved the story.
I do think the writer could have developed the characters even better, but it is a good start and I hope she writes more about each sibling as I loves stories that have a book for each sibling.
I would definitely keep reading the whole series.
This book didn’t take me long to read, it was interesting.
I did receive this book for an honest review from Netgalley. 
What it says it is about on
The second book in the Bonifay Family series by Keira Cole, following Come and Get It 

As one of the youngest Bonifays, Rebecca suffered the most when her parents died, but with the strength of her close-knit Texas family behind her, she came through it and now helps run the Bonifay ranch and her own horse rescue operation. She’s also matured into a sexy and beautiful woman with an itch that needs scratching. Setting her sights on Jesse English, the dark cowboy who’s recuperating at the ranch, Rebecca decides it’s time to stop letting her older siblings call the shots and start taking charge of her own desires. 

Jesse is a drifter through and through. Orphaned at a young age, he’s seen the worst of state care and foster homes, and he knows better than to put down roots in any one place for long. Scarred by his drug-addled father, he knows he’s not good-looking enough for a woman like Rebecca, and with nothing to offer her, he just wants to get healthy at the ranch and move on before he gets hurt again. 

As Jesse begins to heal and Rebecca makes it more than clear that she wants the moody and ruggedly handsome cowboy to be her first, he has to fight every impulse he has as a man to keep her at a distance. But there’s no denying the headstrong beauty or the raging passion building between them, and as the two struggle with their conflicting needs they discover a stronger connection that just might give them both the chance to mend their damaged hearts. 

“Absolutely adorable and very hot!” 
—Ginnie at Goodreads, on Come and Get It 

About the Author: 

Keira Cole is Southern through and through. She’s a “yes, sir/no, ma’am,” please and thank you kind of girl who was raised to respect her elders and be polite to everyone. Born in Florida, she moved to South Carolina at age ten. It was there she learned about the wonders of sweet tea, honeysuckle, and the taste of a warm, freshly picked tomato from a roadside stand. She blogs at 

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Top Kindle books for Saturday 8/23

“Reading is everything. Reading makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something, learned something, become a better person. Reading makes me smarter. Reading gives me something to talk about later on. Reading is the unbelievably healthy way my attention deficit disorder medicates itself. Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape; it’s a way to make contact with reality after a day of making things up, and it’s a way of making contact with someone else’s imagination after a day that’s all too real. Reading is grist. Reading is bliss.” — Nora Ephron

I love to read and to craft. I need to find sometime to do more crafting, but lately I have been reading a lot more. I really enjoy reading a few good books. I hope do as well. I hope you find a book you like on my blog, 
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This is the book I am reading now, so far I really like the book, The story is about four friends who go on vacation and of course there is a mysteries. I cant wait to finish and review the book.


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Top Kindle Books for 8/22 Ebooks, Free Kindle Books.

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