Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Favorite Thing

Well the other night at church, they had asked each of us our favorite thing or things, well I have plenty of course, I have my family and friends and all my animals. I have my Cricut, my scrapbooking supplies, my camera, my computer and all my papercraft friends. But as I was thinking I also remembered that every day I use this step stool for my feet under my work desk. This was made  by my son Justin who passed away in September 2005. He made is in high school wood working class. I remember he didn't really like the teacher in this class, but I was so happy when he made this. I have this everyday to remind me that he is still here with me and I will see him again. I really miss my son Justin and really wish he didn't have to leave us at such a young age. RIP my Son Justin I love you so much.


Alice said...

My heart is with you as I too have lost children. there is no ache like it. How nice to have this treasure from Justin to use every day. You will see and hug and kiss each other again when both of you are whole and well.

Jean said...

I'm late in commenting because I just found your blog! Where have I been, Diana? Just wanted to say I love your stool and I'm so glad you have Justin with you every day in this small way. You're always in my heart. xoxo