Friday, July 26, 2013

Just reading Blogs

Well I haven't felt well all week long. Went to the doctors today and he gave me medicine for an infection, great, I have tons to do and am planning on going to see my son this weekend in San Diego, I am still going. Well anyway, it is 4am and I am wide awake, must be the medicine, I am feeling slightly better. Probably the pain meds. Lol. 
Ok so I wanted to learn how to make a signature for my blog posts. I found a really cool blog that explains it. Now I just need to find the time. Ok so I was looking through her blog and she has a contest for free ad space, I am always trying to find free stuff, I always try to enter, I don't usually win, but I thought why not! So I entered, then reading further she is having a blog hop Thursday, yes it is Friday but I am wide awake. So I am entering the blog hop, Maybe someone out there will like my blog, who know, but worth a try. I do need to blog more often. I have plenty to blog about, just need to do it.
Here is a link to her blog:

Her & Nicole

Well I will add her link to the side when I have more time, just wanted to share what I found. I will also work on making a signature for my blog this weekend. 

If interested in that , here is the link for her tutorials- Link to Her & Nicole

Have a great weekend. :) 

Diana :) 

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