Monday, September 16, 2013

Reading, love to read and love to get Free Books

Yes I love to read. I am kind of picky about what I read, but I love to read. I have found a web site called Goodreads. Their web site is Goodreads. The best part about this site that I love, beside the reviews is that they have a page called Giveaways. I have won at least 12 books, free books that is, all I have to do is read them and review them, so cool. I chose the books I want, meaning there is a list of books and you enter in the drawing for the book and if you win they will send you the free book. I have so far received 8 books. And one book I didn't win the author sent me a free link to my Kindle to read it. I am so excited about this. I don't usually win anything and to free books is awesome. I have been doing this for less than a month.
Here is a picture of some of the books I have received; 

So far I have read Screenshot, very intense Techno Thriller,The Impersonator which was a really great mystery. I have also read I Don't Know, an interesting self help book about admitting when you don't know.
I am right now reading Aunty Lee's Delights, seems like a good book. And the book I am reading on my Kindle is called  Once Upon a RockStar, another book that the author asked me to read and review. 

I have always loved to read, but haven't been reading much until I received my Kindle from my son Matt for Christmas. I have found many free books from and mostly read those. I didn't think a Kindle was for me, but it. 
Here is a Free book on Murder in the South of France
I dont know how long it is free but this can give you an idea if your interested.
Well that is what is happening in my life, tonight I hope to work in my scrap room. 
Thanks for reading.



Jean said...

WOW!!Score on the free books! I've been a member of Goodreads for at least 6 yrs and have never won a book!! You go girl!

Jean said...

WOW!! I've been a member of Goodreads for at least 6 yrs and haven't won a book yet. Good for you! You go girl!!