Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My First Best Day Ever March 18th 1983

Yes March 18th 1983 was my first best day ever!! That is the day I gave birth to my first born son Justin Kent Pafford. He made me a Mom, I was so happy, he was so perfect, red skin, brownish/black hair and blue eyes, he was perfect in my eyes and everyone else who saw him.

Yes these pictures are so old and not the best, but I think they are awesome. He was such a cute baby, and so glad he was my first best day ever son, because after him came 3 more best day ever sons. 
We all truly miss Justin, he was such an awesome son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, friend and least but not forgotten he was a Father to his son Brayden.He loved being a Dad to his son.
Just reflecting back on his life, I am thankful that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to have him as a son. He meant a lot to me and also to many others. I wish he was still alive. I just loved him so much. I cant write any more about him, because I am now crying I miss you Justin, you will be 22 years old to me forever. I love you forever, in my heart forever, always your Mom forever.


Jann H Schott said...

Oh how I wish I had the chance to meet Justin. It breaks my heart that he isn't in the physical world for you anymore because it brings you so much sadness and grief.

The pictures are wonderful of his birth. Thank you for sharing them.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I wish I would have known him too. Their birthdays are SO HARD. The memories come back so strongly and it's even hard to go back to those memories, even though they are so beautiful. What a happy day that was! and I hope he's looking down on you today and giving you the biggest hug ever. That is my biggest desire ever... to give my son another big hug in Heaven, when I get there. But in the meantime, I have another son who is here on Earth with me, so I continue to be so very thankful that he is here. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

Pamela OConnor said...

My first born and only son was born on March 18, 1995, so he just turned 19. So sorry to learn that your Justin is no longer with us here on earth. Praying for peach & comfort. Have a blessed day!