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Book Review: Clear The Path to Happiness By Paul Colaianni Fall Giveaway

Clear The Path To Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps To Become Happier, Feel Better, And Enjoy LivingClear The Path To Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps To Become Happier, Feel Better, And Enjoy Living by Paul Colaianni
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I am giving this book 5 stars;

First, I finished it, I am not the best at finishing self-help books
Second, the book is well written and worth it.
Third, I actually learned something useful in this book.

I really think this is a really good Self Help book, I think I will reread it just to make sure I didn't miss anything, but this was really helpful and I am glad I was able to read it.

The biggest thing I took from this book was denial, yes denial, and the author Paul Colaianni talks about this, and it has given me something to think about.  No affirmations but just point blank what to think and how to overcome something. Even thought I cant get over what makes me sad, I can learn to deal with it and try to stop denying myself happiness.

Great book to read, I highly recommend it.

What Goodreads says the books is about:

Pushing emotions down is like trying to stuff an overloaded suitcase. It gets heavier over time, and eventually bursts open at the most inappropriate moment. Happiness can flow naturally when you've resolved your unexpressed emotional pain. When you’re happy, your negative internal dialogue mysteriously disappears, and positive thinking happens on its own. 

If you’re already happy, with no negative, lingering thoughts sneaking up on you, then you probably don’t need this book. If however, you want to know how to become happy, then keep reading! 

Happiness will reveal itself when we are finally able to live from our core being – who we really are deep, down inside. 
This “emotional core” as I call it, is the most sacred, vulnerable place inside of us where we are both the most sensitive, and the most powerful. When we can live authentically from that place, we can create the life we want. 

The Overwhelmed Brain Self-Discovery series is designed to help you build (or rebuild) your emotional foundation from the ground up. This book on clearing the path to happiness will guide you in removing the obstacles that are preventing you from experiencing happiness to the fullest. When you are able to clear the path to happiness, you don’t have to seek it, because it will reveal itself from within.

About the Author:

I used to be passive aggressive, people-pleasing, jealous, possessive, uh, what else... quite a few things I guess. Let's just say I've behaved in a lot of ways that were quite dysfunctional.
Finally, after about 35 years of life, I learned to heal and grow from all of it.
I grew up in an alcoholic home, full of fear most of the time never knowing if my bedroom door was going to be kicked in and I would get attacked. Because living in fear was the only reality I knew, I created a lot of unhealthy beliefs about people and the world in general. I took those beliefs into many of my adult relationships, subsequently destroying most of them.
Around 2001 or so, I started my journey of personal growth. My life shifted and I started my healing process. I stepped into my power and learned everything I could about my own behavior and the behavior of others. I received certifications in NLP and hypnosis, and have been studying human interaction and communication ever since.
I created the top-rated personal growth show, The Overwhelmed Brain, in 2013 and am now writing books to help people understand that empowerment does exist and happiness is attainable.
I cover everything from honoring your personal boundaries and strengthening your emotional core, to getting over depression, anxiety and other negative stuff that lingers in the background of your life. My approach is highly practical and applicable, and I typically avoid all the woo-woo stuff like energy and vibrations. I'm not saying that stuff isn't true, because I believe in doing what works, but I prefer more down-to-earth steps that can be applied right away.
I want everyone to be the authentic person they truly want to be inside. Vulnerability is strength, and I believe that everyone is capable of creating the life they want.

Link to his website: The Overwhelmed brain

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Clear The Path To Happiness: Powerful, Practical Steps To Become Happier, Feel Better, And Enjoy Living

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