Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Good Day

Found this on the web, thought it is something that I need to read everyday.

Ten Sunny Ways to Make Your Day a Good One!

A good day is when I wake up remembering that a good day happens by CHOICE not chance!

A good day is when I live the day in the present, being grateful for the little things in life.

A good day is a day that I look back on and smile, because I allowed myself to be open to something new without realizing it at the time.

A good day is when I can feel anger, pain, sadness, etc. but not let it take over.

A good day is when I relax and go with the flow.

A good day is drama free. (My choice, again.)

A good day is when I'm aware that I'm a kind and compassionate person and treat myself that way.

A good day is when I don't use excuses to paralyze my thoughts and dreams or allow fear to keep me from stepping out and doing something I believe in.

A good day is connecting with people who are on the same self exploration journey as I am.

A good day is the realization that EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY no matter what happens!

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