Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding the best Mexican food Tacos

Well my husband and I are trying to find the best Mexican food tacos. We are not looking at Taco-bell or other fast food Tacos, even though we do love Jack in the Box tacos we want to find the best in town. So we first started at Macayo's awesome, so far the best, the best shell (that is very important) and the shredded beef was awesome. Have you ever heard of Better than sex Cake? Well Macayo's Tacos are Better than sex Tacos. Well since we started with the best, we still  are searching for a better tacos, not sure if we will find any better-
Macayo's I give a 9, will have to try again.

Well the next place we went to was Pedro's in Glendale, AZ a local Mexican food place, I love their food there. Yum yum, ok about the taco, The shell was freshly made that morning, and the shredded beef was great but not perfect, not as good as Macayo's. But I would eat there again because next time I go I am taking pictures of the food.
Pedro's a 8

Next place is called Herrera's Mexican food. Just a little local place we have been before, the food is ok, I love their chips. The food was ok, but not what I want. Will go back so I can take pictures.
Herrera's 4

Monday we went to Manuel's in Glendale, AZ. Their enchiladas are awesome, perfect for what I like. I didn't care for the chips, they looked burnt to me, but tasted ok, I did eat them. as for the taco, the shell was awesome, the shredded beef was very tender and tasted fine, except no flavor, it is good if you don't want any spice in your meat. ok so the meat was kind of flavorless. I am thinking I like Pedro's tacos better than Manuel's . But I will eat there again.
Manuel's a 7


Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than sex!!!!

ecentricone said...

El Bravo 7th st & Butler! Bet it is the best!

ecentricone said...

El Bravo 7th st & Butler! If it doesn't top the list i will be shocked. I am a twenty plus year customer and nothing can top the green meat and potatoe burro, green style with a side of beans!

ecentricone said...

El Bravo 7th st & Butler! Bet it is the best!

Scrapcrazy said...

ok next Monday we will go there and check it out.

Ashley Culp said...

Great Blog! I am a new follower.