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Book review: The Temp by Emily Benet

The TempThe Temp by Emily Benet
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The Temp, By Emily Benet

When I started reading this book, The Temp, by Emily Benet, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. It made me yawn. Some books do that to me at the beginning, seem a little slow. Well it did take me about 40% of the book and I was then hooked.

Amber is a college grad, working temp jobs, trying to decide what she wants to do. One of her past times with her friends is to go to modern art galleries opening for free wine.  One day while working her temp job a customer came into the office, he wanted to set up a catering for an art gallery opening. He was of course a good looking art promoter. Of course he asked Amber out, they did go out, but she told him she was an artist, which at the time she wasn’t, just someone who liked the free wine at the art gallery openings.  You will have to read this book to find out what happens.

Well I like the book, the story, and the way it ended, not a typical ending and I feel Amber did well.

Thanks for Netgalley for letting me review this book.

What Goodreads says about the book:
Amber is a twenty-something, out of university with a degree she’s not sure what to do with… so she temps in order to earn enough money to live in London.

One of her favourite life-hacks is to attend modern art gallery openings for free wine. It is during one of these that she thinks ‘if they can do it, why not me?’, and meeting a handsome gallery promoter cements her ambition to become famous through her art.

With the help—and sometimes hindrance—of her friends Farrell, Bibiana, and Egg (short for Egbert), can Amber achieve her dream AND snag handsome Elliott?

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The Temp

About the Author

Emily Benet was born in London to a Welsh mother and Spanish father. She moved to Barcelona at 13 where she won her first significant prize for writing and was published in a short story collection. After her studies she returned to South London and worked in her Mother's chandelier shop. It was amid the chaos of crystal beads and confused customers that she began her Shop Girl Blog. Her short stories have been selected for readings at Foyles Book Shop and are published online.

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