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Book Review: Tease Me, Cowboy (Montana Born Rodeo Book 1)

Tease Me, CowboyTease Me, Cowboy by Rachael Johns
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Montana Born Rodeo Series

Tease Me, Cowboy, #1
By Rachael Johns

This series is written by different authors, the first one is Tease Me, Cowboy, By Rachael Johns.

I started this series by reading the 2nd book in the series first, and thought wow I really like this series of books. So I then read the 3rd book, now I read the 1st book, and hopefully in the future will read the 4th book soon.
This book starts with Selah Davis, coming back to Marietta Montana to cover the Copper Mountain Rodeo and she meets up with her friends who she had grown up with.  She had left after high school for college then on to a journalist career in Seattle. While back, she runs into her high school sweet heart, Levi Monroe and she felt the feelings she had for him 10 years ago in high school as they never really finished their relationship.

I loved how the author built the characters and I felt emotional connected to them and wanted things to work the way we want them to. I loved the ending. I Can’t tell you, you will have to read for yourself. I also love how these series kind of bring events that are in the other books, but you don’t have to read the other books to know what is going on, you can read them as a stand-alone or read them all.

I am not familiar with these authors or even reading cowboy books, but I really enjoy the books. The first book has some swearing in it. The other 2 didn’t.  You don’t have to know anything about cowboys or rodeo’s to read these books. They are all fairly good. Just have a want to read a good romance book.

Here is what Amazon says the book is about:

Montana Born Rodeo Series 

Selah Davis loves her life as a journalist in Seattle (or so she says) but on a rare trip home to Marietta to cover the Copper Mountain Rodeo, she confesses to her best friends over drinks that her one regret in life is not sleeping with her high school boyfriend, Levi Monroe. Into the bar walks Levi, also home for the rodeo. When her friends dare her to proposition him for a one night stand, she’s at first appalled… but the more she thinks about remedying her one regret, the less she can get him and their electric chemistry out of her head. Selah’s always been her parents’ good daughter. Would it hurt just for one night to be a little bit bad? 
Levi Monroe is ready to settle back in Marietta and start his own rodeo school teaching others the techniques that have made him a star. He doesn’t want any distractions during his last rodeo where he aims to win All Around Cowboy, but when his high school sweetheart – the one woman he’s never been able to forget – comes along and offers to rewrite their history, it might just be an offer too good to refuse.

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