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Book Review: Cherish Me, Cowboy by Alissa Callen (Montana Born Rodeo #2)

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Cherish Me, Cowboy (Montana Born Rodeo #2)
By Alissa Callen

What does a working cowgirl Peyton Hollis do if she needs to save her Beargrass Hills Ranch? She is the only one who can save the ranch, she doesn’t have time for cowboys and anything else for that matter. She just wants to save her ranch.

Of course there is a man, a city-boy, Cordell Morgan, who has come to check out some land from her neighbor. He wants to bring some cattle there and wants to rent the land from the owner, well the rancher advises him to stay at the cowgirls’ ranch and help her out some.

Well I loved this story right from the start, great characters, great story, I didn’t want to put it down. The Author Alissa Callen did a wonderful job of keeping me, the reader engaged throughout the whole story.

This is the 2nd in a series of books. I love the way each book intertwines the other books.  You can feel the connection, but you don’t have to read in order or read them all. You can understand each book without each other.
This book is my favorite though, but I love all three of the books so far.

What Goodreads says the book is about:

Working cowgirl, Payton Hollis, has no time for hairdryers, heels and helplessness. She must save her home, Beargrass Hills Ranch. She also has no time for men. She already is boot-deep in blue-eyed cowboy trouble. 

City-boy, Cordell Morgan, isn’t who he seems. His fancy suit and slow smile hide dark secrets. Secrets as to why his hands are callused, why he never stays around and why he has really come to Marietta, Montana. 

Between a shrewd old rancher, a cantankerous rodeo horse and a stud bull called Trouble, Payton and Cordell have no chance to lead separate lives. No matter how much their futures may depend upon them doing so.

Can a sassy cowgirl lower her guard for a man who will soon be gone? And can a man who believes emotions are nothing but a liability take the ultimate risk?

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