Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Meeting a Friend

 While I was in Dallas, I was so lucky to meet Terrie, we have been email friends for years but have never met in person. We had such a great time together, we visited the Dallas LDS Temple. We then had Dinner at LaMadeline's, I hope I spelled it correctly. I loved  the food there, I wish we had something like that here in Arizona. But the best part was meeting Terrie, wouldn't have matter if we had McDonalds, I was just so glad to meet her. We have so much to talk about that we could spend the whole week together and not run out of things to talk about. Kids, family, church, life, life experiences are many of the things we talked about and could relate to each other.
Just want to tell Terrie that I am so glad that we met and hope to meet again!! You will have to come to Arizona soon.
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Jann H Schott said...

So glad you were able to meet your friend! I've met a few 'online' friends in the past and it's really a neat experience!