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Book Review: The Undiscovered Goddess by Michelle Colston

The Undiscovered GoddessThe Undiscovered Goddess by Michelle Colston
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Who knew a Cosmo quiz and a bottle of wine could change a woman’s life?

Wow this book was so good!! I loved story, I loved how the story is about a housewife who does a Cosmo quiz and then decides to read some self help books, using self help workbooks and she tells how it really goes. This book was funny, yet sad, and it made me want to read it. Kept me intrigued with every chapter. I will never look at a self help book again without thinking of this book.

I did receive this book from Net Galley.

What the books is about from
Who knew a Cosmo quiz and a bottle of wine could change a woman’s life?
Holly, housewife and frazzled mother of three, is determined to discredit the lackluster result of a Cosmo personality quiz. After buying a workbook geared toward helping her find her inner goddess, Holly sets off on a year of self-discovery, journaling through each uncomfortable exercise as she goes.Facing inner demons, yoga, an explosive colon cleanse and REALLY spicy curry, the lessons are hard on her emotions, not to mention her digestive system. But does she succeed in the end? Beyond the superficial, what important lesson does Holly’s inner goddess have the power to teach her…and what can Holly teach you?

Quote from the book:

"It's simply about gratitude and honor. It's about finding the joy in each of life's little facets, even the ones that are otherwise considered mundane. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess. Each day can be as joyous as you want to make it. Every day can be Super Powerful Happy Goddess Fun Time Day. Kumbaya.” 
― Michelle ColstonThe Undiscovered Goddess"

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The Undiscovered Goddess

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