Monday, July 28, 2014

Road Trip 2014 Leaving Fort Madison.

One of the places I wanted to see when we were in Fort Madison, was the bridge, I love seeing bridges. But the bridge was flooded, and the park next to it is flooded. Here are some pictures I took. We did manage to find a Walgreens, I was surprised that they had no info about the town there as the Walgreens by my house seems to have plenty of Arizona souvenirs and maps. I love collecting magnets and didn't get one from Iowa. Oh well. I guess I will look online for a magnet.  

This first picture I took was just the view outside the Hotel we stayed at in Fort Madison, I thought it was pretty, they said the weather was suppose to be raining all day, but yet it was beautiful.

This is a picture of the Army fort in Fort Madison, it is flooded. So we didn't get to stop and see it.

This is the bridge that we crossed the Mississippi River, It was a beautiful day.And there was no toll to cross the bridge, which is really nice.

Here is some info I found on the internet about the bridge and the Army Fort. I thought it was interesting.
Amtrak's Southwest Chief crosses the Mississippi at Fort Madison, making its way from Los Angeles to Chicago on the world’s longest swing-span double decker bridge, the only remaining example of this type of structure on the Mississippi River.  It opens its gates to barges and riverboats moving commerce and passengers along the major waterway. I found these pictures on the internet. (no copyright infringement intended, just want to share.)

This first picture is taken from the Army Fort, with the little park nearby that was flooded as we drove by.

Historic Old Fort Madison was the first permanent U.S. military fortification on the Upper Mississippi.  The fort was the site of Chief Blackhawk's first battle against U.S. troops, making it the only real War of 1812 battlefield located in the state of Iowa & the first U.S. military cemetery in the upper Midwest.  Fort Madison was one of three posts established by the U.S. Army to maintain control over the newly acquired Louisiana Territory.  Fort Madison was built to 
control trade and pacify Native Americans in the upper Mississippi River region. 

The last two are just a few more I found on the internet. I hope to go again some day. I really enjoyed my trip there. I can't wait to share my next post about Nauvoo. Another wonderful beautiful place.

I found the info about Fort Madison on their website: Click here to see it for more info.

First 4 images are from my camera, the other images I found on the WWW. 

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