Monday, July 21, 2014

Road trip pictures-from Arizona to Oklahoma

We started a road trip July 6th 2014, to take my Mom to Indiana, so she can have her car while she stayed with her niece. We left Arizona at 130am, not sure why hubby wanted to leave so early but we did.  It was a really nice and cool drive to our first stop which was in Flagstaff, Arizona. We had light rain, which felt cool, stopped for gas and took a little break, then on to the next stop. 
As we were driving through the Navajo Nation I noticed how pretty the sky was, the sun was just start to dawn, so pretty to watch the sunrise with no buildings around, I didn't take any pictures because I knew my camera wouldn't capture it well.But it was the nicest sunrise I have seen. So peaceful and enjoyable.  The land was pretty barren, not many buildings, but still beautiful. I have never driven through here in my adult life. I have never been on a road trip in my adult life so this is all new to me.
We drove through Albuquerque, NM and missed the exit sign, I didn't realize they only had a few exit for the town. We were running low on fuel and needed a bathroom break and something to drink, we found a place outside of Albuquerque that we stopped, it was beautiful there. I thought I had taken some pictures while we were there, but I am not finding those pictures. 
Here are some pictures I did take on the first day, they are mostly New Mexico and Texas.

Just some pictures that I took that day, I am sure to some they seem normal, but I have never seen these before so I took them.
We did drive through Amarillo, Texas, and that place was a lot bigger than I thought. Lots of farms, everything looked really clean and nice. We made it to Oklahoma City about 8pm, I think their time. The time changes got me all confused. but it was light outside till 10pm, usually it is dark by 745pm in Arizona. But the weather was so nice. 
Well I will write more about this trip and share better pictures tomorrow.

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Jann H Schott said...

"I knew you shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque!"

When I lived in Ft. Worth we would take that route coming out to visit Arizona.