Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day to My Dad

Well I have such an awesome Father, he has always been there and here for me. He is a wonderful Grandpa to my sons, he loved taking them to the park, of course they grew up and didn't want to go any longer. 
Here are some pictures of my Dad and I. My scanner isn't hooked up so I just snapped the picture with my phone. 
This picture is a recent one, April 2014
We all went out to for my 51st Birthday.

I dont know when this picture was taken, but it had to be late 70s poss early 80s at our house on Purdue, in Phoenix, AZ

This was me, when I was about 9 or 10 years old, so early 70s.

Of course I dont know when this one was taken, but in the 70s I assume. 

I am so glad my father is still with us, He has taught me a lot of stuff. 
My Dad loved to fly and and I loved to watch the airplanes with him when I was younger. He taught me to work hard and use my brain. He taught me to travel, he took us on family trips every year. He taught me how to drive. Wow there are so much stuff he has taught me, and is still teaching me. 
Happy Fathers Day Dad.

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